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My MacBook Pro was still so good that I found it hard to justify buying a newer model. I bought the most powerful inch MacBook Pro back in because I knew its Core i7 processor would keep up for several more years than a MacBook Pro with a less-powerful Core i5 processor. The concept is called "future-proofing. My plan worked.

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My nearly-six-year-old laptop is still running smoothly for its age, especially after I replaced its slow, old hard drive with a more modern and fast SSD drive. In the most practical sense, I had no need to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new laptop. In fact, I could probably squeeze another few years out of my trusty MacBook Pro. But future-proofing meant I was missing out on the new and improved features found in newer models.

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I didn't really want my five-year-old MacBook Pro anymore, even though it still runs so well. That means I'll probably face a similar conundrum down the line when Apple introduces great new features that make my model feel old. Plus, one of my requirements for a laptop is a inch display, and Apple doesn't offer its inch MacBook Pro with anything less than a Core i7 processor.

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So I didn't have much of a choice unless I was willing to compromise on screen size, which I clearly wasn't. You can read my review of the refurbished inch MacBook Pro here. The mid inch Apple MacBook Pro looks and feels like a brick compared to pretty much every model that came after it.

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It's almost an inch thick and weighs a little less than 6 pounds. Back in the day, that was fine for traveling, as it was pretty normal for a inch laptop to be so big and heavy. Today, however, it's no fun packing and carrying around such a heavy machine. The model of Apple's inch MacBook Pro is just under 0. It's still no featherweight, but it's a lot more portable. That means my old MacBook Pro has a p resolution, which looks positively blunt compared with Apple's sharper p Retina display.

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Apple's Retina displays also output much better color than the older, non-Retina displays. After using a Retina MacBook Pro for a while, I came back to my non-Retina model and found the colors washed out and lacking contrast. At the end of the day, my old MacBook Pro's display is fine, but the more recent model's Retina display is very nice. Seeing as I use computers a lot for work and play, a screen upgrade was worth it.

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Come on Apple, and release new MacBooks without the butterfly keyboard. Writing this on my now vintage device ; Can't believe it's that old.

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It still feels as fast as the day i bought it. Probably even faster, because back then there was some scrolling lag the first few months or longer ; Still no reason to buy a new one Never kept any computer this long before. Still the best machine i've ever owned. Pour one out for Aperture Apple's execution of their computer business plan has been seriously flawed since the growth of the iPhone.

They are now a phone company. I love their computers but even as a diehard fan, the MacBook Pro has gotten worse the last 3 releases.

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